Proceedings of ASSE 2013

Proceedings of ASSE 2013
Argentine Symposium on Software Engineering

ISSN: 1850-2792

JAIIO (Argentine Conference on Informatics) is one of the most significant conferences and prestige in the region, organized by SADIO (Argentine Society of Informatics) since 1961, with the participation of professionals from industry and academia.

ASSE 2013 (Argentine Symposium on Software Engineering) will bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners to discuss new ideas, problems and experiences in the field of Software Engineering. ASSE 2013 will be part of the 42th JAIIO. ASSE 2013 seeks original works in the wide spectrum of Software Engineering, from academic research to industrial and business applications with significant impact and lessons learned from application development.

Program Committee


  • J. Andrés Diaz Pace, ISISTAN, Universidad Nacional del Centro & Conicet, Tandil, Argentina. Email:
  • Pedro E. Colla, Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico, Córdoba, Argentina, Email:


  • Aldo Vecchietti, INGAR, UTN Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Alejandra Cechich, GIISCo, UNComa, Argentina
  • Alejandro Bianchi, Liveware, Argentina
  • Alejandro Zunino, ISISTAN, UNCPBA, Argentina
  • Alessandro Garcia, PUC-Rio, Brasil
  • Alvaro Ruiz de Mendarozqueta, Fundación Sadosky - UTN Córdoba, Argentina
  • Alvaro Soria, ISISTAN, UNCPBA, Argentina
  • Claudia Marcos, ISISTAN, UNCPBA, Argentina
  • Claudia Pons, LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina
  • Cristian Mateos Diaz, ISISTAN, UNCPBA, Argentina
  • Daniel Riesco, UNSL, Argentina
  • Diego Rubio, UTN Córdoba
  • Gustavo Rossi, LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina
  • Hernán Astudillo, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile
  • Horacio Leone, INGAR & UTN Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Javier Troya, Universidad de Málaga, España
  • Jorge Boria, Liveware Inc., USA
  • José Carlos Maldonado, Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil
  • Luciana Ballejos, UTN Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Luis Olsina, UNLPam, Argentina
  • Marcelo Montagna, INGAR, UTN Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Maria Cecilia Bastarrica, Universidad de Chile, Chile
  • María Paula González, UNS, Argentina
  • Mario Piattini, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, España
  • Omar Chiotti, UTN Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Pablo Michelis, Intel-Cordoba, Argentina
  • Pedro D'Argenio, FaMAF, UNC, Argentina
  • Ricardo Orozco, UADE, Argenina
  • Roxana Giandini, UNLP, Argentina
  • Santiago Ceria, Fundación Sadosky y FCEyN-UBA,  Argentina
  • Sebastián Uchitel, FCEyN, UBA, Argentina
  • Silvia Gordillo, LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina
  • Silvia T. Acuña, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España
  • Silvio Gonnet, INGAR & UTN Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Uirá Kulesza, UFRN, Brasil
  • Vander Alves, Universidad de Brasilia, Brasil